Subscription Boxes To Be Reviewed

Priority on reviews will be for most recent boxes received.
Click the subscription box name to see a list of all of those particular boxes along with progress on reviews along with links to any completed reviews.

Likely will backdate posts for subscription boxes over 2 months old so it doesn’t clutter the recent posts up and have confusing dates. The older the boxes are the lower priority and likely to have quick/bad/no photos, may be several boxes in one post to be simplified.

( This page is constantly edited, so my apologies for the random font changes, bad formatting, typos, ect. ^^;;; )

Currently Subscribed

  • Loot Anime
  • Loot Gaming
  • Arcade Block
  • Disney Tsum Tsum

2015: November – Episode 1: Brawl – View the review here | December – Episode 2: Enchant (review text complete, just haven’t uploade photos) | 2016: January – Episode 3: Equip | February – Episode 4: | March – Episode 5: | April – Episode 6: | May – Episode 7: | June – Episode 8: | July – Episode 9:

Subscribed since start.

I thiiiink we’ve been subscribed since the start of this? But I’ve got to double check.

2014: September  | October  | 2015: January  | February | March | April | May | June  | July  | August  | September  | October  | November  | December  | 2016: January 2016

Does this count? You only get two items, but it is a mystery subscription so I guess so? Missed the first box with Oswald and Mickey though. >_<;;

2015: December | 2016: January

No Longer Subscribed

  • Doki Doki Crate
  • Kawaii Box
  • Loot Crate
  • Nerd Block

January 2016 – My first and final box from them – View the review here: Doki Doki Crate Review 

2015: April  | June  | September  | October  | November | December (my final box)

Need to check if I have any proper pictures or at least can find all the items that was in it and take new photos.

at least 2 or 3 month of original Loot Crate | Nintendo Amiibo Special Edition Crate (3 boxes)

Likewise also need to check if I can find the items or any photos. I definitely gave one item away though so we’ll see if I ever get to this one.