Starting fresh~

Hello and welcome to the newest incarnation of Saranghaengbok.com! I’m your host, Danica. 😛

A word of advice dear boys and girls, when creating a sub subdomain that has the same name as one you have on another domain already (ie. blog.saranghaengbok.com & blog.cosbreaks.com), make sure you /change/ the directory. Otherwise, you’ll end up like me and accidentally delete your blog. 😛 But on the bright side, having to start new has inspired me to take a proper stab at blogging again.

Expect to see blog posts on places I’ve been to; reviews/thoughts on dolls, anime, manga, manhwa, video games, and some subscription boxes (mainly KawaiiBox & ArcadeBlock); general blog posts about life; and more~! ^^

Still working on getting everything fixed up on here and on art subdomain, but will get to regular posting soon (edit Jan. 24: okay… maaaaybe I should have said ‘in a few months’ XD hopefully I can get things going now though!). Thank you for visiting and do come again~!