life and faith.

(*originally posted on my deviantArt page. Retroactively adding here so it’s all in one place.)

So back in June I was drawing more and totally ready to get back to dA & post regularly once more, but then life kind of changed those plans. My brother got diagnosed with cancer again, a more aggressive form than before. Spent the end of June and most of July in the hospital with him.

Thankfully, for now, he and we are all finally at home for a bit until test results come back and either he gets another round of chemo or it’s on to the next step of treatment with a bone marrow transplant. So far I look to be the donor match, but again waiting on test results to fully confirm. I’m trying to stay cautiously optimistic about all these tests and things. I know God’s in control of it all, no matter what happens or what I think should happen, but it would be nice if test results could be a little faster. (…and literally as I was typing this post up one of the Doctors called with one of the test results. haha~ They seem confident that he should not need the second round of chemo and we can move on to all the transplant preparations.)

My brother’s optimism and faith are so inspiring though. He’s the one sick again, but just like last time, he’s more worried about all of us being okay. When the doctors’ explained about the bone marrow transplant, his first question was if the /donor/ would be in any pain from it. When he had to get blood transfusions he just joked about being a vampire. He’s mentioned before that he’s not really too worried about everything. He trusts God is in control of it all, as one song says “even if the healing doesn’t come”, and he knows even if the worse were to happen he’d be in a better place.

I pray to have that faith, faith that handles the ups and the downs. It’s hard though, because when the hard times come, often it’s all at once, and it IS so much more than we can handle alone. But, WITH Christ, we can get through it. My dad said sometimes instead of praying for the mountain to be moved, we need to pray for the strength to climb it.

At the moment, I’m just enjoying things being ordinary and ‘boring’ for awhile. I will try to get back to things as I was attempting before, but do have patience if I disappear again (I’d tried to post something sooner while at the hospital, but dA is apparently blocked there…). Will be trying to get daily or every-other day posts of art until I get my page caught up with all my recent pieces and favorite older drawings.

Thanks for reading, and do have a wonderful day. <3
– Danica

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