About Me


If I was a kawaii animu magical girl. haha~ (made via Sanrio’s oh so kawaii Chanrio maker, with mild edits by me to match my hair/glasses/laptop colors.)

thekawaiioneheartHello! My name is Danica. I spend most of my time drawing and playing video games. I dream of spending my days writing and drawing stories for the masses in a room filled with beautiful dolls and a cute cat. My greatest wish is to be able to somehow make a living doing what I love and make people happy with my art.

I live with my parents and younger brother in south Florida (USA). I’ve been blessed to have a family that supports me. Growing up in a military family (proud daughter of a Marine), I’ve traveled around most of my life. It has been a joy getting to know the people and culture of several different places and just being inspired by it all.

I speak English fluently and, being half Filipino, I can understand most things in Tagalog. I’ve been trying to teach myself Korean (한국어를 배우고 있어요), and am at the point where I can read and write/type in Hangul, but my knowledge of grammar is very lacking. I also know bits of Japanese retained from 3 years living there when I was 9-ish and from a few classes that I did not pay near enough attention to, but it’s not much more than common phrases and reading Hiragana. XD

Why thekawaiione? No, it’s not because I’m a vain Japanese wannabe who think’s she’s cute. 😛 It’s because years ago my older sister and I made a joint account on a very-long-since-gone website called ‘Chibi Friends’ (it had little games and adorable customize-able avatars) with the user name ‘KawaiiBlue’. On the site’s forum we’d posted a few times and, with blue being my sister’s favorite color then – she was ‘Blue’ and I ended up being ‘Kawaii’. Then somehow it ended up with me eventually taking ‘thekawaiione’ as my online name. Plus, it’s also a nice self-confience boost. ^^ (’cause I really don’t think I’m actually all that cute.)

Why SarangHaengbok? Because when I got my own domain back in 2008 pretty much everyone I knew of picked out neat names and never used their own name (or username) as their domain. That, and I had recently gotten really into Korean stuff and had begun learning the language, and while practicing writing had merged 사랑해 (saranghae, meaning ‘i love you’) + 행복 (haengbok, meaning ‘happiness’) together. I liked it, but saranghae haengbok felt long and a little word-y to say, and so simplified 사랑해  to just 사랑 (sarang, meaning ‘love’). And thus, 사랑행복 (SarangHaengbok, meaning Love Happiness) was born.

Previous Websites? I’ve wandered the internet since I was at least 11, and have had an excessive amount of websites over the years. This one, SarangHaengbok.com, has existed the longest now I think, but for the curious I had also run a blog called Kawaii_Writings (very first website! via freewebs), minimum of at least 4 other sites made with freewebs.com, had an anime fansite called Shinhwa (didn’t last long XD too much work), a blog / graphic site called Myoujou (started on freewebs, then had a free redirect sub [myoujou.vze.com], then moved to a subdomain, but lost once my host vanished), and then various versions of SarangHaengbok. I may have forgotten one or two XD but basically as you can see I’ve been messing about with website creation for over 10 years now. If you ever knew me from any of my old sites do please feel free to say hi~!