Thoughts on a broken heart, faith, pain, and how you put the broken pieces back together when you lose your closest friend - my little brother who always worried so much about me.

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life and faith.

(*originally posted on my deviantArt page. Retroactively adding here so it’s all in one place.) So back in June I was drawing more and totally ready to get back to dA & post regularly once more, but then life kind of changed those plans. My brother got diagnosed with cancer again, a more aggressive form than before. Spent the end of June and most of July in the hospital with him. Thankfully, for now, he and we are all finally at home for a bit until test results come back and  ...

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Reviews, Subscription Boxes

Loot Anime Episode 1 BRAWL Crate Nov 2015

This was the very first Loot Anime crate and my brother and I (we share all these boxes) were pretty happy with it, personal thoughts on the overall crate and an estimated total value of the items can be found here after the review. ^^ I’ll be starting with a little intro to Loot Anime and it’s parent company Loot Crate first, but if you’d like to jump straight to the review please click here. Series included in this crate: Naruto, Attack on Titan, The Seven Deadly Sins, +  ...

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